Wednesday, 6 April 2011

In the making of Pauline Armstrong "Fiancée du Vampire"

"Pauline Armstrong" fashion house is crowded with designers, fashion reporters and other people. I had to visit every room to find one person - the soul of the line - also known as Pauline Armstrong. She was supposed to meet me (the first face of her clothing line and a director of modelling office Pauline H.) in the café for a cup of coffee to discuss Stardoll Fashion Week, models, runway design and other stuff.

Pauline H. (Polincik): How's the collection going, Pauline?

Pauline Armstrong (MadDrumFairy): Non-stoppable! We spent so much time discussing the theme of the collection - 4 or 5 hours! But as soon as we agreed on the theme, the name of the collection just popped into my mind - "Fiancée du Vampire", and everyone agreed on it.

Pauline H. (Polincik): I remember how we were sitting in "The Lounge" covered with documents - photos, models' portfolios, biographies. We tryed to pick the best models we could. I loved working with them.

Pauline Armstrong (MadDrumFairy): And I loved working on runway design! Everything was inspired by vampires & medieval castles. It was so hard to find blood red roses in this time of the season!

Pauline H. (Polincik): Becka Lavendale called me today, and told that Pauline Armstong Fashion Line is debuting on Friday during the SFW. Finally!

Pauline Armstrong (MadDrumFairy): Ah, great! Pauline, have you brought that sketch of mine which I asked you for? I still need it to remake some details!

Pauline H. (Polincik): Yes, here it is! And what changes exactly are you gonna make?
Pauline Armstrong (MadDrumFairy): This dress was made too long ago and now it doesn't go with the complete collection. The spirit now is less elegant and more youthful, but I guess I'll leave it almost as it is right now. I wanted the lace part to be dark green, and not it would just pop out. I think blood red, gray or black lace would be better.

Don't forget to check out the release of the collection!


  1. You can definitely draw, girl! ;o

  2. and you can definitely write :D