Friday, 11 March 2011

Couture Stardoll. "How it came to be"

Plamena; Flicking through Tingeling on your average day, I was looking at all the vintage items, that appear to have been there for EVER! I clicked on one of the dresses named; Space Vixen Dress. Something clicked, and I shared it with Abbie.

Abbie; We had already been discussing the line, but never really came to think of names.

Plamena; We liked the idea of having an 'outer space' theme then began to talk planets!

Abbie; I suggested Venus, as it was a supposed 'female' planet and we then began to develop the line, once Plamena agreed with Venus.

Plamena; Then, what came into my mind, was a 'Grecian' style of dress. You know because the Greek are very goddess like. We believed that females were goddesses and females come from Venus. The collection's name was basically a connection conjunction, meaning the way we got it was from associations.

Abbie; So, in the next few days you will be at SFW. You will see our collection and we really hope you enjoy it. Wouldn't it be awesome to win best collection? I would personally like to thank Plamena as she has put an awful lot of effort into the collection and me? Well, not so much...

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