Sunday, 13 March 2011

WOE- in the making of

Wonderland Of E
SFW is coming, people are getting ready for it all over Dollywood... But what's happening in the WOE backstages? What truly is behind the collections of Wonderland Of E?
There are two designers of this fashion line- Egle Stone (vampire_, the main designer) and Emily Vaine (Pirata111, the couture designer). Creating an entire collection of clothing is pretty hard, I must say. 12 different outfits to think of and then create, match all of the colours, do the make-ups, choose the right models... All of this is very important, every detail has to be done perfectly, nothing can be forgotten.

Let's start from 0, when the collection is just in the designer's head, but when nothing is official. Then come the sketches (I'll upload my collection's sketches in the next post about the making of WOE). This is the part when you really have to make up your mind, because the collection depends on what you'll draw on paper, what your main ideas will be. My collection was mainly inspired by Ancient Egypt and Greece, because I truly admire these two historical periods, and the outfits that the Pharaons wore in Egypt really inspired me to make a couture collection of this theme.

Want a sneak peek?
Here's the colour palette that was used for my collection, and a sketch of the first outfit of the collection!

Yeah, you can't see it clearly, but I didn't push hard on my pencil, so it turned out too bright when I scanned it.

Keep your eyes open for more WOE.

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  1. Good luck, girls:) I can't wait to see your creations!

    Kitaip tariant, šaunuolės, kaip smagu už Jus:)